Welcome to my Universe

I live in a dual universe mixed with fantasy and reality.
By day, I live in my reality world as a “Security Analyst.”
By night, my fantasy world comes to life as I conduct myself as a “Woman of the Night.”

I can promise you this…

I will offend you, for I will not be politically correct, nor, will I share in your point of view.
My intent is to ENTERTAIN you, and give you, “A Day’s Worth of Entertainment, One Night of Entertainment, and A Lifetime of Entertainment.”

I Invite You to join me on my Journey

For some, my stories might be considered provocative and daring. For others, they might be considered tame and mild.
Ultimately, by sharing my stories, I hope that I have achieved my goal, and that is to ENTERTAIN you for a DAY, for a NIGHT, or for a LIFETIME.

Welcome Aboard

Please leave your judgments behind and enjoy the wild roller coaster ride of life with me.

Will be available for purchase: 2020-2021

Will be available for purchase: 2022-2023

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